Fun Things to Do in the Summer When You Are Bored

Fun Things to do in the summer suggested by GearWeAre Fun Things to Do in the Summer When You Are Bored

Summer is the time of year when spending time in the outdoors is mandatory. The temperatures are warm and should be taken advantage of after months of staying cozy inside during the colder seasons. For some this may mean lounging your porch, reading and enjoying a comfortable summer breeze, while for others this may mean spending every day that you can at the beach or the pool. If you are getting ready for this summer season, make sure you read our guide on the best pool accessories to help you out with the necessities.   Whether your chosen summer activities are relaxing or adventurous, keep you close to home or necessitate the exploration of faraway places, one thing is certain – spending as much time outdoors during the summer as possible is always the ideal.

With this in mind, it may be possible that you want to spend time outside this summer but don’t know what to do. Maybe the beach doesn’t hold the same excitement as it used to or you simply need an idea to spice up an evening spent with your friends at home. The same old can become bland, so having some new activities to incorporate into the things you do during the summer will make it one to remember. Read on for our ideas for what unique activities to try this summer, all of which will get you off the couch and out of the house.

Go to a Hot Air Balloon Festival

Experience the amazing site of a sky filled with every color imaginable by attending a hot air balloon festival this summer. They happen all over the country, so it’s likely that you should be able to find one close enough for you to easily attend this summer. However, if you are able to attend one in a truly stunning area, the experience will be that much more gorgeous. The Telluride Balloon Festival in the small Colorado mountain town of the same name is our top choice for a must-see hot air balloon launch.

Visit a Waterpark

Waterparks are not just for kids. Spend a super fun day cooling off with your friends on a slide, in lazy rivers, and in wake pools. Not only is this a wonderful way to relive your childhood, but at some parks, the slides have become so intense and thrilling that they may almost be too intense for you. If you or some of your friends want to get a workout in during your trip to the waterpark, look for one with wake pools dedicated to surfing. And if you are in a need of a good wakeboard, we can help you choose the best one for you with our guide on the best wakeboards.

Try Out Sandboarding

Those of us who live in landlocked states won’t have much opportunity to catch waves this summer. However, many of these states contain desert and with deserts comes sand. Some areas, such as Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, have monolithic dunes which are possible to ride down much in the same way as one would ride a snowboard. Try your hand at this sport, which can be incredibly fun once you figure it out and is relatively safe compared to surfing – if you fall just remember to tuck and roll.

Jump Into Some Freezing Water

We’re not talking chilly here, but rather truly cold. Lots of individuals tout the health benefits of plunging oneself in frigid water. Since the air temperatures will be much warmer during summer, this is unquestionably the time of year to give ice baths a try. Make your own by filling a tub with room temperature water and ice, or find a naturally cold body of water. Alpine lakes, as well as the northern reaches of both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, are almost always a good bet for freezing temps even during the warmest months.

Build a Treehouse

Treehouse -things to do in the summerWhether you have kids, are planning on having kids, or are happily child-free, treehouses have an unquestionable allure. Spend your summer wielding a hammer while sitting in a tree as your craft your very own structure in its branches. If you do have kids, doing this is sure to make you their hero. Conversely, those without kids can use this structure in whatever way they please, whether its somewhere to decompress outside after a long day of work, extra space for overnight guests, or both.

Get Creative On the Grill

BBQ - things to do in the summerSummer is a great time to get creative with food. However, no one wants to be stuck in the kitchen on a beautiful day. Instead, figure out crazy and new ways to use your grill which will let you spend lots of time exploring new culinary dishes while keeping the sunshine on your back. One amazing option is to try making grilled pizza, which leaves it with a charred taste that can’t be achieved in the over. Try out funky marinades that should be slathered on meat and vegetables alike. And try grilling things you typically wouldn’t think to, such as fruit and potatoes. Try cooking this on one of these grills.

Play Flashlight Tag

Flashlight tag - things to do in the summerSometimes the temperatures get so hot during the summer that being outside during the day becomes miserable. The wonderful thing about this time of year though is that once the sun goes down the temperature will dip and the outdoors become welcoming again. Organize a game of flashlight tag with a group of friends to take advantage of the comfortable nighttime tempts of the warm months. Other games, such as capture the flag and frisbee, can also be super fun to play at night. Whichever game you choose though, just make sure that everyone is aware of any potential hazards which they should avoid.

Scavenge for Some Food

Considering how little most people know about foraging, there are more edible plants growing naturally in our environment that one would initially assume. Edible plants proliferate pretty much every ecosystem though. In some areas, they even include fan favorites such as blueberries, raspberries, and wild strawberries, foods which can be quite expensive in your local supermarket. Spend this summer getting to know and try the foods that grow naturally in your area, an activity that will get you outside for hours at a time and create a more intimate relationship between you and the natural world.

A word of caution – plant identification can be difficult and consuming something that has been incorrectly IDed is quite dangerous. Eating a poisonous plant can cause sickness, long-term complications, and even death. This is especially true with mushrooms, which should never be foraged for except if a 100% positive identification can be made. It is recommended that those new to foraging to a class where the basics of identification and plants to look for in one’s one area are explained.

So, summer is almost here. We handed the Do list and all you have to do is prepare a checklist and start writing “Done”! Which “Do” is first on your list? Let us know!