Paddle Board Fishing: How To Get Started

Board fishing: How to get started Paddle Board Fishing: How To Get Started

Since the beginning, fishing was always a sport used to kill time while obtaining nutrients and provide food not only for humans but for all animals alike. Since time as moved forward, fishing is now one of the most relaxing things; you can do while you still provide food. People can be found these days in large boats, small boats and even surface boards and all with one common interest. To catch a fish! Read on for info on how to get started with paddleboard fishing

Paddle Board Fishing Is Challenging

Out of this modern age, there is one thing that is evident, style matters. Not only what you use to catch a fish but how you do it. If there is one thing for sure, you won’t be disappointed with your time when your paddle board fishing. Known as SUP fishing for some or stand up paddleboard fishing or others. This extreme sport is an excellent way to get a one-up on a fish is exciting. To help you start this challenging and fun activity, we will highlight the basics of SUP Fishing.

Get a License

First off, you are going to need a license. This type of sport almost always requires a permit. Whether it’s a specialized one for a certain kind of waterway or just regular fishing out on the lake, you should always have the proper credentials before hitting the water.

Second is a paddleboard. When it comes to paddleboarding, this is the most crucial decision of your newfound activity. With this decision comes great responsibly — the type of hull. Necessarily there are two different hull styles, a plaining hull, and a displacement hull. 

Two Different Hull Styles 

Displacement Hull

These types of hulls have an essential point at the forward part of the board. This allows them to slice through the water at a much more manageable pace. But there is one downfall. These different boards typically don’t carry a lot of extra weight. Which is undoubtedly a feature you may want to consider. 

Plaining Hull

This style hull is wide and flat with no extra gimmicks. Closely resembling a surfboard this design allows you to ride on top of the water rather than cut through it. This useful tactic is a prominent choice for paddle board fishing due to its maneuverability and ride.

Select your Board for Fishing

While trying to select your board, there are a few extra things to consider as well. When starting with little experience, the bigger, the better. When some boards are reaching lengths of up to 12 feet, you can feel safe and stable while moving around on top of the water. Don’t stop there though, not only length but width matters too. More full boards tend to be the best way to go when you are trying to keep your footing on top of the water. 

Choose your Paddle 

    Up next in your arsenal of fish catcher, the paddle. The paddles themselves typically come in 3 different materials — aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon fiber.

The cheapest way to go would be the aluminum, followed by the fiberglass and then the carbon fiber being the most expensive.

Also, getting a perfect fit for paddle length is something to consider. It won’t be effectively smooth for you to use a paddle that is longer than it needs to be. You will bend over and hunch your back to grip it.

These types of movements can strain your back. A solid 8-10 inches taller than your height is an excellent flat-water cruising paddle.

Your Fishing Pole is your Weapon

Once you have your paddle, and you have selected your board, it’s time to choose your weapon. Your fishing pole. Depending on where you plan to SUP fish, your choice in pole can vary. With freshwater fish, smaller and more flexible fishing poles are a great way to go. With a compact and durable rod, your going to save on space and ensure a more natural experience. If you plan to attempt saltwater fishing, there are some things to consider as well. A longer, more durable rod that can handle more weight will ensure that you can catch a much larger fish.

Fishing Accessories        

Depending on the style board you have selected, there are other things to consider. If you have chosen to ride a planning hull, this means its more comfortable to carry more stuff with you. Something to think about is your tackle and bait.  Tackle is comprised of a variety of things like swivels, weights, line, bait, hooks, and so much more. 

 Now here’s where that flat board comes in handy. Having the ability to carry an ice chest or more relaxed with you can make any fishing trip relaxing.  Some good news is,  the ice chest will not only keep your food and drinks ice cold, but it can also make a pretty comfortable seat. Having the ability not to stand all day can be a great relief when you are trying to relax. And another way to ensure that you are in a constant state of relaxation are some stabilizers.

Stabilizers connect to either side of your paddleboard, adding excellent stability to your ride. They are an excellent addition to any stand-up paddleboard that is going to be used for fishing.

Even if your balance is as keen as a cat,  with the weight of the extra gear and the movements that are used when casting and reeling, stabilizers will make sure you get to spend more time on the water. 

Extra Gear Might Come Handy for Paddle Board Fishing    

 Now that you have your essentials its time for the extra gear you don’t want to fish without. One essential item you may want to think about bringing is a waterproof case. These come in a variety of sizes but what’s most important is to bring your phone or even a GPS device. Nothing says safety than a phone call for assistance and directions to your location. Once more some things you will want to put some thought into for security is a life jacket. One of these will most certainly come in handy if times get tough out on the water. 

While any goal when fishing is to catch a fish, you should also consider that you might come up empty-handed. Just remember, try to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and be grateful for the opportunity to enjoy it. There is nothing like a nice peaceful ride across the water. What about you? Do you have any ideas on how to get started with paddle board fishing? Comment below so our community can share in the fun.