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Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe Review Facts

The Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe is perfect for limbing, splitting sticks, and felling small trees. It is a good size for a vehicle or a backpack since it weighs just two pounds and is 19 inches long. Each one of these hand-crafted axes bears the initials of the Swedish smith who forged it next to the company’s name on the wooden handle. These experienced smiths are world famous for their superb designs and skills for their craft. The thin blade is razor-sharp and made of recycled metal scrap. This item comes with a sheath of vegetable-tanned leather to protect the blade and user when the item is not in use. The durable handle consists of strong hickory wood that is flexible and tough. A fine finish completes the marvelous product as it is polished, sharpened, and oiled to perfection before it is shipped to you. There are hundreds of positive customer reviews online and an excellent rating for this item. Our full review below explains why.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Handle design and balance are excellent
  • Razor sharp thin blade
  • Made by skilled and experienced Swedish smiths
  • Each one is shaped into a unique masterpiece
  • Company has been making quality axes since 1909
  • Perfect for limbing, splitting sticks, and felling trees
  • Great size for a vehicle, home, or backpack
  • Will fell a small tree or remove dead palm fronds
  • Fit of the head and the handle was off for some people
  • A few handles with dents and axe heads with cracks


If you are not familiar with the name of Gransfors Bruks, then you are in for a treat when you look at one of their unique products. The Small Forest Axe is just one of the many types of outdoor items that they make with their excellent skilled makers. This company started in 1909 with the business of crafting axes in their own unique way by hand. Each axe has its own induvial markings on the wooden handle and keeps any imperfections or natural design that the wood possesses. Of course, you should expect a much higher price for such outstanding and special items, as they are not produced in mass using a machine. Other axe products are turned out in bulk that all have the same look and feel, so they are much less in cost and value. When you have a Gransfors Bruks axe of any size or type, you really have an axe for life since they are durable, long-lasting, and outperform most other items of the same type. Owning one is a pleasure and using one is a fabulous experience.


Durability is certainly one of the qualities that come to mind when you think of a Gransfors Bruks product. The company has been crafting these terrific items since the beginning of the 1900s, so they are true experts in making durable and long-lasting axes. The Small Forest Axe handle design is wonderful along with the terrific balance. It is a top-quality hickory wood that is flexible and strong. The high-quality steel for the head comes from recycled metal from scrap. With a lifetime warranty, the company backs its outstanding items 100%. They ask no questions when you return a product and are quick with replacements. We did see in our research of customer feedback and comments that the fit of the handle and the head was off for some buyers and several handles had dents and imperfections. A couple of customers had axe heads with cracks in them. The dents and imperfections of the wooden handles are not so many flaws of the product or a problem with the manufacturing process. These are hand-crafted axes, so each one is different and unique. There will be some blemishes in the wood, which should be expected.

Key Features

-Handle is made of tough hickory wood
-Individually shaped with a thin blade
-Polished, sharpened, and oiled for the finish
-Handle length is 19 inches
-Total weight is two pounds
-Face is 3 ½ inches
-Head weighs 1 ½ lb
-Sheath is strong vegetable-tanned leather
-Initials of the forger are engraved on the handle


If you are not familiar with the products of this great Swedish company or do not know how much a high-quality axe should cost, then you would probably be shocked at the high cost of this small axe. However, knowing that it is made by expert Swedish smiths who are experienced and world famous for their incredible designs and skills should give you a clue to the superiority of this little axe. This razor-sharp item is worth every penny as it is individually shaped and is a unique masterpiece. Gransfors Bruks has been making these and other fine products since 1909, so it is fair to say that they are experts in the field. The fine finish of the Small Forest Axe consists of being polished, sharpened, and oiled, plus the item comes with an Axe Book for the user. Many buyers online are pleased with the quality of this product and are excited to own one of the handmade treasures that they have to offer.


With the handle, the length of the Small Forest Axe is 19 inches long, and the overall weight is two pounds. The face is 3 ½ inches and the head weighs 1 ½ pound. As we discuss later in another section, it is the perfect size for small jobs with cutting and chopping limbs, twigs, and small trees. It is great to have in the car or truck and also hanging from the backpack as you explore nature when camping, trekking, or backpacking. Many people prefer a small axe for wood jobs that are not too heavy, while others may not be able to wield a larger axe to complete the task. A small axe is always a nice tool or piece of gear to have around since you never know when a limb or tree may need trimming or cutting. For its size, the Small Forest Axe can handle quite a few job sizes and capabilities. It may just surprise you with its stellar qualities and performance.


You could not choose a more stable product to do your small wood chopping tasks than the Small Forest Axe. The durable and tough sheath is made of vegetable-tanned leather, and the strong blade is annealed, honed, and tempered to be the exact hardness needed for such a splendid product. The fantastic sharp edge is tried by hitting it with a large foraging hammer, making each hand-forged item unique and different than the next. With this incredible process to make each axe the best it can be, it is hard to understand some of the negative comments online from buyers. Each one of these is hand-crafted and inspected for quality and performance. These true and genuine axes are worth the high cost for the product and craftsmanship they possess. You will notice if you decide to purchase one that right next to the company’s name on the handle are the initials of the person who made the ax. That proves their uniqueness and individuality to make them so special in the field of axe products. You know from this aspect that you have a genuine Gransfors Bruks product that was handmade by a professional forger.


Recommended by author Cliff Jacobson in his book Expedition Canoeing, the Small Forest Axe has quite a following from buyers. This online item has an excellent rating with hundreds of positive customer reviews. The costly price does not deter folks who know superb quality when they see it. this is one of the best axes around with a blade so sharp when you receive it that you could shave with it. This item is so sharp in fact that it arrives just as sharp or sharper than some knives that have a factory edge. As one customer noted in his review of this item, he received one of the company’s catalogs and became addicted quickly to their other products. Gransfors Bruks knows their business and they do it extremely well.


Great for cutting limb wood and splitting sticks that are small, the Small Forest Axe is also good for limbing and felling trees. A tree of thigh size, or small, can be cut with this item easily and quickly as well as dead palm fronds from the trunks of palm trees. Almost any small wood cutting or chopping task is ideal for this axe. It is a good size for a car or other type of vehicle you may go camping in or even in or hanging from a backpack. Some people said that it was too large for a backpack, but others thought it was a good size for it. if you intend to use it for backpacking purposes, you may want to consider the length carefully. Good for use around the house or camping to cut kindling or starter firewood, this terrific axe will more than earn its price in endurance, performance, and longevity.


The leather of the sheath is vegetable-tanned and void of heavy metals and biodegradable. A few buyers were not completely satisfied with the quality of the sheath and they plan on getting another one of better quality or treating this one. If the leather sheath is dry, you can condition it with Leather Honey to make it more supple and nice. This was a tip we picked up in some of the buyer feedback, so we thought we would pass it along to you. You may like the sheath more if you do this when you purchase your Small Forest Axe. A couple of customers were missing the sheath altogether, so they were quite disappointed with not having one to protect the axe and themselves from harm. We want to mention that this Small Forest Axe is similar in size to the Hunters Axe but has a more traditional poll and pattern, plus it has a thinner blade.

Ease of Use

It is very simple to use an axe, so this section will address some sharpening comments we came across online. If treated properly, the sharpening of this product only needs to be done every six months or so. You can sharpen more and more often if the edge becomes chipped, but eventually, the dents and dings come out over time. Just like any other type of product, the better you care for it and treat it right, the longer you can enjoy it in its prime condition. Most people wipe off their axe after using it with a thin coat of oil to keep the blade nice and free of rust. Get in the habit of doing this each time and you will have your axe for a very long time.

Bottom Line

There are some online negative comments from buyers who are displeased with the products they received from Gransfors Bruks. They said that they were sent axes with the head and the handle not in line and the fit was off. Some had handles with dents and axe heads with cracks in them. these were not widespread complaints, but they are worth mentioning in this review for future potential buyers. The cracked heads would certainly be a problem and should warrant a replacement from the manufacturer. However, when you consider that these are hand-crafted axes and not machine-made, the dents or imperfections of the handles should not cause alarm. Each one of these items is going to look very different from the next one. this is what makes them so special and worthy of the high cost. Purchasing one of these axes is getting an axe for life unless you lose it. The craftsmanship, materials, construction, and design of this axe model is superior and in a class of its own. We highly recommend this Small Forest Axe to others based on the stunning praise we have seen for it in our research. If you want true quality, it is the one to buy.