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Oboz Bridger Mid BDry Boot Review Facts

When it comes to hitting the trail or scrambling over the occasional boulder, the Bridger Mid from Oboz provides long lasting support and protection that the most seasoned or amateur outdoor adventurer rely on. The upper is made from soft Nubuck leather that is lined with a BDry waterproofing membrane that aids in keeping moisture out while feet stay cool and dry. Great for muddy or wet days, this high-quality flexible material is preferred by its customers because of its relatively short break-in time, allowing them to go from box to breaking ground in comfort. The ultimate support within this shoe is provided by the dual-density EVA midsole and BFit superior insole reinforcing your arch and cushioning the forefoot. While the lightweight TPU chassis and nylon shank work together to preserve the boot’s integrity so your feet are protected even when the trail gets rocky. Oboz's signature heavily lugged Granite Peak rubber sole completes the Bridger with an aggressive, grippy bottom that enhances braking ability, traction, and stability on any trail. Gone are the days of the uncomfortable hiking boot, step into the modern age with the Oboz Bridger Mid as we go over all of these features and more in our complete review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable
  • Deep sole treads for improved traction
  • Quality build materials
  • Removable deluxe insole provides an elevated feel
  • Little to no break-in time
  • Laces come untied easily
  • Runs a half size too small
  • Pricey


With a generous toe box plus a lengthened shaft covering the ankles, the upper section of the Oboz Bridger Mid is made of a flexible Nubuck leather that is comfortable right away and barely needs time to break-in. One online reviewer says after these shoes were delivered she took them on an expedition traversing up Mt. Kilimanjaro. She had no problems with blisters or stopping because of uncomfortable rubbing, and there was never a time when she felt like she couldn't hold on when the path turned rough. Good for hiking through wet or even fresh snow, the breathable mesh lining of the shoe help with wicking away moisture and enhances the patented BDry ventilation keeping your feet cool even in the hot summer months. A molded rubber toe cap and heel counter protect both ends of the foot from rocks or trail debris while improving durability and maintaining a snug hold that lasts over extended use. Some users online found the rounded laces that are featured on the Bridger secured the shoe well and were sturdy, but unfortunately came untied easily.


Great on a day hike and tough enough for a multi-day backpacking trip, the customized dual-density EVA midsole offers a supportive balanced cushioning with each step. This material increases shock absorption and takes the pressure off the middle of the foot to help the wearer move naturally. A TPU chassis boosts stability and a nylon shank is placed between the heel and forefoot to improve natural foot flexion and relieve pressure that can be placed on the hiker’s feet and calves. Located within the shoe bed is the removable insole, a piece of technology called O Fit that this company is known for. It is molded to put the user's foot in a neutral position and features exceptional arch support and added cushioning so you won't feel every rock due to its deluxe footbed design. All of these technologies work together to give you one very comfortable shoe that is firm but lightweight that you can depend on for long periods of support.


The outsole, as well as the midsole of this shoe, are named after the tallest peak in Montana, the state where Oboz was founded. A subtle nod to its roots, the company molded into the bottom of the shoe a map of Granite Peak. Deeper, more aggressive 4mm lugs line the bottom of the Bridger and it’s sole is made of a high-friction rubber that grips all terrains increasingly well. Users have found it easy to cross wet ground, over rocks or fallen trees with great stability. The super grippy outsole is thick enough without adding weight that can induce fatigue and will work hard to keep feet protected.


A really comfortable mid-height boot that can overlap into all four seasons, the Bridger as the look and vibe that a solid hiking boot should. Featuring a soft all-leather upper, with an O-fit insole, providing a high level of cushioning as well as a layered midsole and sturdy outsole -- all working together to protect your feet. It results in a firm yet comfortable boot that is enjoyable to wear every day or just on those special outdoor vacations. There’s enough padding built-in so you don’t feel discomfort from every pointed rock but you’ll still be able to sense the grooves of trails beneath your feet. Lightweight, unlike hiking boots that have come before it, the Bridger has essential components inside. These boots are known to adequately cup the heel and hold the foot in place with its secure lace-up system.


Oboz and most of the satisfied online buyers of the Bridger say this boot is true to size and that customers considering this shoe should get their regular size. Like most new shoes there is a slight stiffness in the beginning, especially if you aren’t used to boots with the height of the mid-level shaft there will be some pressure on the ankle but they break in very quickly after just a few days of use. Offered in regular and wide size options these boots do very well to accommodate all types of men and women. While plenty of wearers found a perfect fit after ordering their regular boot size, others needed to order a half size larger in order to feel natural toe movement within the forefoot or incorporate a thicker sock in the winter time. However bothersome, if available we would recommend trying these on before purchasing.


Made of waterproof 100% Nubuck leather, the Bridger prevents any water from making its way in the boot. Feel free to take walks through puddles, mud or light snowfall while knowing feet will stay dry and comfortable every time. The BDry membrane and textile lining inside help with breathability and will wick away any moisture that has accumulated as long as the water does not rise above the top of the boot. Watch as water beads off this mid hiking boot instead of seeping into your footwear. Users remarked at not losing any traction due to wet conditions because of the hard working lugs on the rubber sole that work well on all types of terrain.


With a sole that has a fairly deep tread that is supremely solid, translates into a sole that works and wears extremely well. The Granite Peak outsole has excellent traction on many types of surfaces and will hold its own in cold, wet, or icy locations that can be unstable for other shoes. The nylon shank and TPU chassis produce a supportive sole flexible enough to bend while climbing or crouch for long periods of time. With an uncommonly wide 4″ outsole and deep V-shaped lugs that wrap around the exterior edges, these boots provide above-average traction across a wide array of trail surfaces. Described by Oboz and their customers as the “quintessential hiking outsole” this well-tested material will help you cross over rock faces, loose gravel, or mud with confidence that there is almost no terrain you can't handle with these on your feet.


The Oboz company motto “True to the trail” is primarily evident in the design of this boot. Expertly guided, the first thing you notice when picking up the Bridger is its rugged construction. With an all-leather upper, internal plastic frame, rubber heel counter, and insole keeping the foot in a natural position, the Bridger provides a notable amount of support. With this combination, you won't have to worry when coming across shallow holes on an icy trail because this boot does well to shield the foot from rocks, thorns or stray roots. A feature favorite of online customers is the hard rubber toe cap that extends across the footbed and saved toes from bumps and bruises encountered along the way by hidden trail debris. Remain sure-footed along any path and avoid a rolled ankle or tumble with this classic high collared hiking boot featuring.


Using high-quality hardware and high-quality stitching along the Bridger it is very apparent that this well-made shoe is built to last. Oboz uses double-stitching to secure the fabric on the upper and has dense material resistant to wear and tear. The strong lacing system is another example of this expert construction as an engrained leather loop peeks out from the tongue and top of the shoe working with the combination hardware that keeps laces intact. The metal hardware is robust, with the leather upper that you won't have to worry about bending or breaking over time. Consistent stitching, and the toe and heel cap are firmly attached, extending durability. It's important that the seams lay flat for comfort while wearing the boot and users note no pressure points were created even with a tighter lacing. A long-lasting product, many online reviews are on their third or fourth pair after years of everyday use.


Great for beginner or intermediate hikes and available at a reasonable price, finding uses for this boot is not difficult. With its solid leather upper and better than average ankle support, the Bridger delivers sufficient protection for adventures on-and-off the trail. They are light enough to be useful for casual day hikes but durable enough for extended backpacking trips over the weekend or working at a job site. Use them on your local dirt trails, on concrete pathways, through fresh snow, or even along rocky river beds where the waterproof membrane will shield feet from a splash or two. Users felt confident training with a larger backpack while wearing these boots and felt able to avoid ankle twists even while changing pace. Take the Bridger along on a normally hot and humid summer day, or keep by your door to use during a downpour to fetch the mail. The versatility of the Bridger by Oboz keeps a loyal customer base.

Key Features

-100% Nubuck leather offers both breathability and protection
-BDry waterproof membrane technology lets moisture escape keeping feet cool
-Added mesh lining wicks moisture away and enhances ventilation
-Super arch support and fit due to deluxe footbed design
-Lightweight EVA midsoles provide shock absorption
-Nylon shanks and TPU forefoot provide protection and torsion control
-Thick rubber on toes and built-in heel counter
-High-friction rubber outsole easily grips varied wet or dry terrain with its 4mm lugs

Bottom Line

An all-around excellent-quality hiking boot, the Oboz Bridger Mid will get you where you need to go. This expertly crafted boot provides incredible support and expert traction in adverse conditions and will even keep feet nice and dry when it comes to hiking through water or snow. Boasting a pliable, extra cushioned collar; B-DRY water resistance; sleek metal hardware and an aggressive outsole all with little to no wear in time, there’s no wonder why this shoe keeps customers coming back for more. Not to mention there are not many shoes on the market today that accommodate the customer with a wider foot, but luckily with the Bridger, you will find a size that provides more than ample space for toes and a thicker sock. While some did still feel the need to order a half size larger -- we would agree that is a good practice to assure comfort inside the shoe and avoid chaffing that can occur after extended use. The hiker in you is sure to love these Bridger boots after trying them on and will get plenty of memorable treks out of this long-lasting product.