Adidas Adizero Boston 6

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Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Review Facts

The Adizero Boston 6 from Adidas is a lightweight, neutral running shoe made with high-end materials that provide comfort and support for the runner looking to perform their very best. Offered in a variety of blue, black and white colors this shoe weighs in at approximately 8.5 oz with a heel drop of 10 mm ideal for training. Adidas has created a buzz in the running community with the mechanics of its most popular training shoe feature, the Boost midsole. The unique design of this shoe blends perfectly with your individual running pattern, giving joints and ankles the long-term support they need to complete the toughest event. While this neutral shoe is designed specifically for racing, it is also excellent for casual running on everyday surfaces. This version of the shoe offers subtle changes from past models that show the company is willing to listen to their very large customer base and adapt to new technology. Whether you're a casual runner staying in shape or a seasoned marathonist, this shoe will impress you each time you hit the trail. We take a look at the specialized features of this Series 6 running shoe below in our comprehensive review.  

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Improved forefoot fit
  • Durable outsole
  • Padded tongue
  • Tongue folds
  • Narrow toe box
  • No reflectivity
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  • There is a lot of praise for these shoes from avid runners.
  • The upper is nicely breathable.
  • Although these are not the lightest shoes on the market, most buyers are pleased with the weight.
  • These provide great energy return.
  • The outsole is grippy.
  • Reviewers say these are fast.
  • These allow a good ground feel and are pleasantly responsive.
  • The upper has a secure hold without relying on the laces too much.
  • Socks are optional with these shoes.
  • From 5ks to marathons, runners are satisfied with how these perform.
  • Many runners say these work well for tempo work.
  • The colors are nice and the style looks good for runs or casual wear.
  • There are positive reviews from runners over 50.
  • Many runners who log more than 30 miles per week appreciate the performance and comfort.
  • These are designed for and work well for road running.
  • The cushioning shines most at faster paces when compared to other running shoes.
  • These are more flexible than the Boston 5s.
  • Sizing seems a little inconsistent with earlier versions.
  • Many reviewers have needed to go up a half size to improve the fit and performance.
  • Although the upper is breathable, the toe box tends to hold warmth.
  • The heel collar is low.
  • Responsiveness noticeably decreases after a couple hundred miles.
  • There are more cushioned running shoes on the market.
  • These are not recommended for off road running.
  • There is not much support for people who overpronate.
  • Several reviewers claim these are overpriced for the quality and durability.
  • The fit works best for narrow to average width feet. Wider feet may feel cramped.
  • The upper can show and hold dirt easily.
  • These don't provide enough support or protection for intense or repetitive downhills.
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Adidas got its start in Germany with the original founder's intentions to create and improve on sustainable athletic footwear. That idea expanded then spanned the globe over 77 years and today the Adidas brand fosters its own skateboarding team as well as designs a signature athletic apparel line. They collaborate with innovative artists such as Pharrell Williams and Kanye West to produce headline-grabbing new products. These shoes continue to evolve and make waves with technology such as new lightweight uppers, groundbreaking midsole materials and partnerships with foreign car companies that make their outsoles and ultimately shape the sport of running. Not always number one in the world but they bring a real change to sneaker technology that helps users easily transition from the track to the street for an on-the-go lifestyle.


Considering any type of running regime is going a long distance for an extended period of time with little to no rest so one of the top concerns for runners and their footwear is comfort. Users of the Adizero 6 say they love this shoe because every step is like walking on air. Comfortably wrapping your foot in Prime knit mesh the shoe’s upper expels heat and moisture keeping you cool and blister free from day one. The tight-knit fabric holds feet in place supporting the runner and avoiding irritation under the most strenuous of workouts. An EVA midsole allows for more protection over rough surfaces using materials that will not compress over time. Most of the cushioning lies within the heel so your forefoot is feeling the road pull you forward while a soft landing cradles your ankle each time you take a step. They increased the padding in the tongue on this version so when you lace up tight there is no pressure on the top of the foot. Adidas has taken a step further in this quality lightweight shoe that offers impressive cushioning and shock absorption that will be sure to leave you pain-free and feeling at ease.


Engineered knit mesh that wraps the upper of the Adizero 6 has all of the qualities of a breathable “second skin”. This stretchy material really lasts throughout the entire shoe inside and out offering a relaxed but snug fit that adapts to movement. A tall, rounded toe box gives a race flat feel and on this version they slightly widened the forefoot but users of the shoe say it still runs narrow for those with wider toe splay. The three stripes along the midfoot hold tight while contributing to ventilation that keeps the runner cool even on a hot day. Adidas updated the back of the shoe by adding stiffness in the heel cup that maintains alignment with the foot and lowering the Achilles heel notch along the well-padded collar. Increased padding in the tongue incorporated with the simple lace-up system decreased pressure on the top of the foot while adding to the snug, flexible feel of the shoe. A soft, thin sock liner is featured inside the shoe and adds comfort.


The main support system of this shoe lies within the midsole. The Boston 6 uses a Boost material which are thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) pellets that are compressed together to create a lightweight, responsive and durable supportive layer for your foot. This material is coupled with EVA foam that covers the entire base of the shoe and is extremely wear resistant. With unmatched energy return, you’ll notice transitioning through speeds and gait cycles your feet are adapting to the change with ease. Boost foam also provides improved shock absorption and added comfort. It has become a preference for many runners as it extends the life of the shoe and is known to last a minimum of 500 miles.

Between the heel and forefoot lies the Torsion system developed specifically by Adidas. This thermoplastic arch support provides stability and propulsion throughout the midfoot. It acts as a bridge between the forefoot and rearfoot allowing them to move independently of each other without strain. This plate is designed for the over-pronator or supinator to help control excessive motion. The result is a smooth heel-to-toe transition more of which we will go over next.

Heel-to-Toe Drop

Simply put, the difference between the height of the heel and the height of the toe is considered the drop. This shoe is constructed with a 29mm heel height and a 19 mm forefoot height producing a 10 mm heel to toe drop. The Adizero Boston 9 is considered a high-drop shoe and this primarily affects how your foot strikes the ground when you land. A 10 mm promotes cushioned heel striking each time your foot lands that will reduce stress on calf muscles and Achilles' tendon.


Designed specifically for Adidas, the outsole of the Adizero Boston 6 is primarily made from Continental rubber. It is one of the best materials used for marathon and track running shoes but is also versatile enough to use on a well-groomed trail. This exceptionally well-crafted sole gives runners the ability to conserve energy while providing serious traction on wet or dry surfaces. Customers say they felt safe running over wet asphalt as they felt the shoe grabbing onto the road. Also great on uptempo runs, the Adizero 6 gives enough ultra grip needed to make a fast turn on a track while still maintaining balance. The rubber lugs on the sole are slightly larger than previous models with a higher count of windows exposing the Boost foam. This design increases the springy push off and you will notice even after many miles on the road or track that tread wear is minimal.


The Adizero Boston 6 is considered a neutral training shoe that also works as a racing shoe. This means it has the ability to handle various types of activities on different terrain. The breathable knit material can make it susceptible to water intake so keeping your foot out of deep puddles is a suggestion to maintain performance. Other than that if you’re crossing over pavement, gravel, sand, dirt, or rubber this three stripes shoe is proven to consistently overperform and keep feet securely in place.


Ideal for summer months spent outdoors or in high energy situations when feet sweat the most a well ventilated upper and padded lightweight tongue will keep feet cool and dry. Customers online rave about the sweat-wicking abilities of the Adizero 6 even after a day of long-distance running when exertion is at its highest. The downside to such light and permeable fabric is in wet conditions the likelihood for water reaching the foot is high. Getting caught in a rainstorm or trekking through a snowy path is likely to leave socks and feet damp. It is suggested by other users to leave these in the closet during winter months unless comfortable running in thicker socks.


Traction on the Adizero 6 is a leading feature of this shoe because of the specialized Continental rubber outsole that was built for the diverse runner. The ultra grip lugs are intricately designed to handle wet stretches of road or rocky paths. This Adidas shoe handles smoothly on any terrain and can adapt easily to multiple surfaces. If you’re running over hot concrete, soft grass, mud patches or in places where rocks are lodged, these user approved shoes can handle it every time. The lightweight material comprised within this shoe adds an element of control that lets you feel the road every step of the way.


Boost material is the most responsive cushioning available only from Adidas. This specially engineered midsole rewards increased running pace with higher response from the shoe. The three stripes company claims “the more energy you give, the more you get” and that is proven in the Boston 6’s. Microfit material in the upper locks the foot down during the running period for a direct fit that is known to help increase speed. Online reviewers say they felt quicker pushing off the ground and that it actually propelled them forward. The spring-back quality of this shoe will absorb shock that would otherwise lead to soreness, muscle fatigue, or injury after prolonged use. These shoes completely negate that issue.


As you can expect from all of the elements of the Adizero 6, this is a very durable shoe. Every mile from the first to the last is going to feel the same due to the non-compressable materials in the Boost technology and Torsion system holding everything in place. One user claims even after 300 miles the Adidas reputation holds true that the sole will go forever over any terrain. The cross-hatch grooves along the lugs that protect the EVA sole stay in place and you will notice very little wear to the bottom after extended use. Runners who have worn this shoe comment on their ability to maintain high performance towards the end of the shoe life and plan on purchasing a second or third pair. The soft flexible material along the toe and midfoot make this a shoe you can wear right out of the box and onto the trail with little to no break-in time.


Since the release of Boston 5, Adidas has taken a step further with the Boston 6 in material quality, cushioning and shock absorption technology. They switched from synthetic leather to the tight flexible fitting knit mesh which reduced the overall weight of the shoe. The unique design of the shoe blends perfectly with personalized running styles, giving your joints and ankles the long-term support they need to complete the toughest races. While this shoe is designed specifically for racing, it is also ideal for casually training or running on solid surfaces. Whether you're a casual daily mileage runner or an experienced marathoner, this shoe will certainly surpass all expectations.


Easily take this Adidas shoe from getting daily mileage and easy training exercises on any terrain to running in a marathon the next day. This shoe is high mileage efficient and works better as you run faster guaranteed to help with PR’s. If you’re in the market for a racing shoe and don't like the lightness of a traditional racing flat, this shoe has all of the features of a flat but with padding in the places you want. You’ll be able to take on hill workouts, sprints, and any type of long distance running. Customers online claim they chose this shoe for other sports where sufficient lateral and arch support was needed. It is best used in warmer climates where the sweat-wicking properties will work to keep feet cool with no added weight.

Key Features

-Neutral running shoe for versatile use
-Lightweight, dual density knit
-Continental grip rubber sole
-Boost midsole for responsive cushioning
-Engineered mesh forefoot provides comfort and breathability;
-Torsion system midfoot
-Wider fit than the previous version

Bottom Line

The Adidas Adizero Boston 6 is considered one of the best neutral running shoes on the market. After the first fit and couple of runs, anyone is sure to fall in love. Adidas hold true to their brands' long tradition of producing and improving quality products for athletes. They have improved the shoes ability to absorb shock by adding extra cushioning and reducing weight with breathability in mind. Runners have enjoyed the snug yet comfortable fit however it does not seem to be the best match for those with wider feet. If you are looking for a new training or race day shoe that will hold tight to the ground and last almost twice as long as other running shoes, the Adizero Boston 6 might be the shoe for you.