10 Camping Hacks Every Camper Should Know

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It’s that time of year. The time when you and the outdoors become two peas in a pod. The time when you cast aside the rural settings for a quainter and quieter one. Whether it is by a lake, the forest, a beach, or the desert, camping for the outdoorsy type is most definitely one of our favorite past times. There are no rules to this setting, you can do it in the lap of luxury or just under the stars. If there is one thing that is a certainty, camping can be intimidating. Have no fear for we are here! Read on for our top 10 hacks every camper should know. 

camping in the nature 


First and foremost, we have probably the best one on this list. Something we cannot live without; water! Everyone should be able to understand the need for some good old fashion H2O. There are many ways to go about this when planning a camping trip. You can bring clean bottled water, just make sure to recycle your waste. You could bring water purification tablets if you are trying to save on space and have a viable source of water. If you have the coin, you can purchase a handheld pump with a purification system. There are many other ways to go about it, so it depends on your situation. 



Weave all been there. Sitting around the fire, cooking your food. To some, there is no failure to this adventure. And for others, food is simply food. For those that seek to master those outdoor cooking skills, we have just two words for you. Tin Foil! This is a great way to cook your food with foil. You can cook just about anything on the campfire with just one layer of tinfoil wrapped around your food. Just wrap your ingredients up and toss it in the fire and your already halfway there. From a perfectly seasoned piece of fish to a potato stuffed with all the trimmings. A little bit of tin foil goes a long way. 



This one is short, sweet and simple. Nobody ever wants to run out of battery life while on their outdoor adventures. There are many ways to conserve battery life. To cut the cord and have no worries, we recommend bringing a portable power bank. Another option would be a solar-powered phone charger. They’re fairly inexpensive and most definitely the furthest you will get from a wireless power source. 



When the temperature changes, so does your attire. Why should you only stop there? Consider that not only will you get cold or hot but having to sleep in either weather can be a task on its own. One way to stay on top is with an emergency blanket. We all know that you can use it to stay warm, but what about using it to stay cool? By using the reflective side of the blanket you can send those hot U.V. rays packing and keep you or your tent cool. Since Emergency blankets have been made and designed to retain and reflect heat, this can help you obtain the temperature you want. 



Is there any more to say? One of the most universal tools of the modern age. Duct Tape. This one has so many uses we can’t even list them all. For the creative individual looking for a quick reliable fix that can go the distance. There is no end to the uses of this magical invention. Weave listed a few great uses for duct tape to help you on your camping trip:

Use it as a bandage to cover an open wound or a blister (for more on blister treatments click here) and keep it clean.

  • Waterproof your shoes by putting a layer of tape over the toes.
  • Patch a quick hole, whether it is on your pants, shirt (check our guide on the best sewing kits) or tent (more info in the best tent repair kit). There is no wrong answer when you have duct tape. 
  • Re-seal your open food packages and save your calories for later. 
  • Fix a tent pole by using the tape to make a splint. 


Another great idea that is short and sweet. When you go to pitch your tent, but the ground isn’t what you wish it could be. Trying to sleep on this can ruin your trip. If you’re not the type of person to bring a blowup air mattress then you know exactly what this is like. Nobody wants to be there but lugging around your bed can consume a lot of space especially if you have a smaller tent. A good way around this is to bring some foam floor tiles. These massive puzzle pieces can be a lifesaver. Not only with the amount of space they don’t consume, but the quality of camping that they can provide surly cannot be beaten. 

light up the dark


When the sun goes down and it’s time to retire for the evening. You can bet that you’re going a need a flashlight. Sometimes you may not have enough lighting in your humbled abode from home, especially in a tent. You may experience difficulties sharing the light when everyone must shine their own flashlight. If you are feeling the same way, then we have a solution for you. Use a jug of water and a flashlight to light up the tents and the night. Strap the flashlight to the side of the jug and fill the air with all the ambient light you could want.



If you have never experienced the most violating feeling of acquiring a tick, then consider yourself lucky. For some, this is a very real thing. Depending on where you live or where you plan to camp, you should plan ahead on this one. Acquiring a tick deterrent is an absolute must and can never go wrong. You can do this by adding one-part tea tree oil, and two parts water to a spray bottle. Just spray some on your shoes and clothes and your good to go.  



You can bet that bringing a tarp will save you in more ways than one. From covering your belongings to covering your tent. There are no limits to the power of a weatherproof tarp.



Camping can be a great experience for anyone. There is also the aspect that some people never consider. Staying clean and sanitary when you’re on an extended outdoor staycation should always be a consideration. Not having a viable source to wash and clean you or your belongings can take its toll as well. By bringing some sanitary baby wipes you can stay ahead of the game on this one. From cleaning yourself to quickly freshen up to sanitizing your equipment. Having some fresh sanitary wipes readily available ensures your trip remains enjoyable.


There you have it, our top 10 best camping hacks for your next trip. What are some of your camping hacks? Share them with us by leaving a comment below!